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PL-Turn tracks

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PL-Turn tracks

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9750031 aluminium 1000mm
9750032 aluminium 2000mm
9750034 aluminium 4000mm
9750131 chrome 950mm
9750132 chrome 1950mm
9750231 gold 950mm
9750232 gold 1950mm
9750331 pearl chrome 950mm
9750332 pearl chrome 1950mm
9750531 brushed nickel 950mm
9750532 brushed nickel 1950mm

The Planlicht Turn System is pliable on the spot!
With this product any radius may easily be established to exactly suit your ideas and needs.
Turn system is designed to overcome the limitations of traditional low voltage lighting systems. The flexibility of the track combined with the various elements for illumination opens up a broad spectre of creative and individual possibilities of arrangement.

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