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PL-Pure recessed louvre

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PL-Pure recessed louvre

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57E1114-B 600x60x90mm 1x1x14/24W  
57E1114DA-B 600x60x90mm 1x1x14W switchDIM
57E1121-B 900x60x90mm 1x1x21/39W  
57E1121DA-B 900x60x90mm 1x1x21W switchDIM
57E1128-B 1200x60x90mm 1x1x28/54W  
57E1128DA-B 1200x60x90mm 1x1x28W switchDIM
57E1135-B 1500x60x90mm 1x1x35/49/80W  
57E1135DA-B 1500x60x90mm 1x1x35/49/80W daliDIM
57E2128-B 2400x60x90mm 2x1x28/54W  
57E2128DA-B 2400x60x90mm 2x1x28W switchDIM
57E2135-B 3000x60x90mm 2x1x35W  
57E2135DA-B 3000x60x90mm 2x1x35W switchDIM

complete luminaire with mirror finish with louvre
energy efficient T5 fluorescent lamps
anodised silver finish
white or black powder coat also available

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