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JC-Magicline with louvre

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JC-Magicline with louvre

Item No's

1 X 14W FH   1 X 24W FQ
7000-1al Black
7000-2al White
7000-3al Silver
  7001-1al Black
7001-2al White
7001-3al Silver

1 X 21W FH   1 X 39W FQ
7002-1al Black
7002-2al White
7002-3al Silver
  7003-1al Black
7003-2al White
7003-3al Silver

1 X 28W FH   1 X 54W FQ
7004-1al Black
7004-2al White
7004-3al Silver
  7005-1al Black
7005-2al White
7005-3al Silver

extruded aluminium with low brightness louvre

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